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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kain Nikah...

Actually before this, I had already written about this when I came back from Bandung, coz I bought my lace, satin and chiffon for nikah from there. Unfortunately, when I went to see some of the designers, byk yang cakap chiffon bagi orang sane different from Malaysia, and the quality might be not so good also as it is lighter and tak jatuh cantik katenye. So terkial-kial I think it through how to overcome this as I bought my satin and chiffon from there.

Lalu rumah aya @ Shah Alam, Jakel last 2 weeks, it was the opening. And in the newspapers I saw that they are on sale up to 85% off. So i asked ibu whether ley singgah when pick up aya yesterday. Ibu cakap okay but bring along pictures of how you want your dress to look like. Dia cakap maybe orang Jakel dapat give ideas how many metres and such. And what a good idea that was. Cause it was useful.

TIPS 1: If you have a design in mind, please print it or bring the magazine along so that you can ask for suggestions from the fabric provider.

So the night before we went to KL, I tengoklah satu-satu bridal magazines that I have bought and some clippings that I have kept on the design that I wanted. The next day, we went to Jakel at Shah Alam after ambil Aya @ her house. Memang hiatus as there were so many people of all ages there. I terus ajak ibu ke tingkat dua cause saje nak tengok chiffon dual tone di atas. It was only RM9.90 per metre. Tapi bila sampai tingkat tu, ada one sales assistant datang towards me and asked how can she help me. I pun terus cakap I nak cari chiffon fabric. And she said for what kind of baju, I pun cakap for nikah. Dia pun bagi suggestion, nak naik tingkat atas tak for better quality chiffon. I cam okay, tapi tak nak terlalu costly.

SA tue terus bawak ke tingkat 4. Banyak betul chiffon. Mata dah rambang. Nasib baik bawak my lace to match up. And then I keluarkan picture clippings yang I dah simpan to ask her how many metres should I take. Dia cakap she's not so sure, but she will get the right person for me to talk about this. Time dia pergi, I saw this really beautiful chiffon in dusty pink yang berat sikit and i totally fell in love with it. Ibu pun macam, cantik cantik... terus bangkit lace along.

Then the right person datang, sorry I cant say her name here, but if you nak tahu, kindly comment and leave your email.

She was very helpful in every way. At first she asked me what is the fabric for actually. I told her that I wanted to do a simple baju kurung modern for nikah but the kain i want it to ade twirl sikit. Hehe. Then I showed her the picture. She said, for this you should use the dusty pink chiffon that I was holding - about RM98+ per metre. I cam shit, I gie pegang yang mahal. Ades!

Yet still I listened to her. She said she knew who was the designer for the picture that I was holding and she suggested that I use that kind of chiffon for the same effect. Then she asked me to take satin crepe, I think so that's what it is for the inner. It cost around RM60 per metre. I cam okay, my head was spinning with calculations as I wanted to see whether it fits to my budget and cukup ke duit aku bawak nie. Hahaha.... tak expect pun semahal itu.

And she added that the twirl needs around 3.5 metres for the kain. So u need 2 more metres for the upper part. SO that means 5.5 metres for the chiffon fabric. I think you can do the math;).
As for the inner, she said I needed around 4 metres only.

Calculate sume, terlebey ape yang I expected. I pun nego with her on the price. And at last, I got what I wanted. Then I asked if there's any designers that she recommend me with. She told me one of the great ones. Hehehe... for this, I will share in a personal email on your request.

So, I bought all of the fabrics and off we went to another part of chiffon fabrics... which is the dual tones one. My sisters and I bought the same design fabric for my brother's wedding so that we would look almost the same. Sangat cantik. Havoc sekejap Jakel as we were playing around with colours to get the perfect match. Bapak dah pening dah menunggu and ibu was giving us so many ideas sampai kami pun pening. Yet still we bought them and the inner is satin silk. Bapak beli kain linen for his baju melayu and the colour is still the same tone as ours. Ibu sahaja tidak sempat beli cause she said she still want to think about it.

Some advice from the Jakel person:
1. Kain lace
- Actually kain lace kat Indon and Jakel are almost the same price. Mase dia tengah tolong mix and match for my kain chiffon, she asked me whether i bought my french lace in Indon. I said yes. She said why you didnt buy it here, it cost around 150++ here per metre. And anyway, this is not the latest design. I cam haiyak. Murah lagi dari aku beli kat sane. Hampis. Tapi ibu cakap takpe... time tue kite pun saje nak jalan ke Bandung. So I cam okey, tak perlu risau sangat.

So if you guys tak beli lagi lace, beli jelah di Malaysia. Banyak kedai. Ada dekat Binwanis, Euromoda, Maya Silk, Jakel and many more. Hanya perlu your time to go and look at one by one for your perfect wedding attire. I ingat nanti nak ke Binwanis or Jakel bila sale lagi to buy kain lace for hantaran. Hehehe...

Lace ada banyak type, among them are:
- French Lace
- Korean Lace
and many more.

Selalunya semua kata French lace is the best because of its texture, softness and quality. Kalau di Indon, banyak jenis lace sampai rambang mata. Ade lace yang sampai RM15 semeter. Tapi ikut kepada quality lah kan. Dan yang murah itu, bukan lah French lace. But laces that were made in Indonesia. If you nak bagi bridesmaid atau sanak saudara yang biasa sahaja, you boleh beli disana. Tapi kalau nak untuk nikah atau sanding, use Korean Lace or French Lace instead.

Korean Lace selalunya dah ade beadings. Sangat cantik tapi lace nyer keras sikit. So its all up to you.

In Malaysia, French Lace yang terkenal ialah Solstis. Entah betul ke tak ejaan ini. French lace di Malaysia starts from 100++ to thousands of ringgit per metre. And yang dah beaded, and ada yang takda beaded. As for mine from Indon nyer, I saje beli takda beaded langsung.

2. Kain Chiffon
- Kain chiffon Indon and Malaysia sangat berbeza. So beli je lah di Malaysia jugak. Kain kat sini cantik jugak rupa-rupanya. And designers prefer it from here. Price range starts from RM9 to 100++ per metre. Ade jugak beaded chiffon, sangat cantik dan harga pun cantik. Hehe. So survey jangan tak survey.

3. Hantar baju 6 months before wedding.

4. Set a budget before going to designers or tailors.

Tips from me:

1. Jangan malu to tunjuk your favourite design, sketches or what not on your dream wedding dress.

2. Jangan malu untuk bertanya kepada SA kat Jakel, Binwanis or whomever. They are always happy to give suggestions and help you. Lagi2 kalau u akan beli sampai beratus2. Wahahahah.

3. Jangan malu untuk nego. Tegas dengan budget anda. Kalau tak mampu, mintak carikan material yang lebey kurang tapi harga berpatutan sikit. Tak perlu malu, nanti over budget, anda juga merana.

4. Jangan malu untuk tukar kain untuk mix and match sehingga kita rase that's the RIGHT one for yourself. Tengok sampai habis sebelum buat keputusan, coz once SA potong, you dah kena bayar. SO always cakap, jangan potong dulu ye, kita padankan dulu. Bila dah okay, suruh kira dulu sebelum potong. So that you takdalah menyesal or over budget.

5. Pergi time sale gila gila. Sebab dapat murah. Obvious kan.

6. Try on your body to picture the outcome before your SA cut. And always ask for second opinion. Macam I, my mum is the best advisor as she has great ideas. Cause baju dia nikah dulu sangat cantik and sampai sekarang ada lagi. Malangnya I tak muat cause dulu dia kurus. Aya je muat, Cet.

Continue with designers in the next entry.


eMilyism said...

Bebeh i love you soooo much!!! Thanks for giving this tips and ideas.

Atikah A.Rahman said...

No problem em... hope it helps;)

Aieyn said...

salam.. bleh tlg x? mane sy bleh cari kain chiffon dual tone color soft pink ye? i need it for my engagement.. could u give opinion? TQ

Lenny said...

thanks for the tips...
boleh mtk contact designer baju tak?


Atikah A.Rahman said...

Hai Aieyn, sorry lambat reply, u can get it kat Jakel. Banyak choices for all colours. Harga pun different as dia depend on the material. Hope this helps;)

Norizai Md Yusof said...

Assalammualaikum my dear..very interesting about your sharing...I'm very appreciated. Thru ur experience can u advise me..The suitable fabric for use baju nikah / kawin

Norizai Md Yusof said...

Assalammualaikum my dear..very interesting about your sharing...I'm very appreciated. Thru ur experience can u advise me..The suitable fabric for use baju nikah / kawin

Zirah said...

Can u email me the name?